Sabtu, 09 Juli 2011

so true

last friday i started my school day.and all my activity. everything was very ok. but nothing special.
not too much. new classmate was very good to me and so friendly.

i have been thinking so long for what i'm goling to do next. i hope everything i do will get good result.

all my tuition starts on monday. freakin lazyy. surely.

Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

dont ever look back

night everyone.
well, it's really hard to believe that time flies so fast.
btw last night i had a very special dinner with big family.
really special dinner with them.

so, i dont know what to tell ya.
i just describing my feel now,
i feel stupid idiot of thinking him. what he said to me last night. i'm totally regret what i have did about 3 years ago.
i feel i'm so crime. i'm too stupid.
but my friends told me, you can't turn the time. like 3 years ago,
for now, you must change every single thing that ever you did, and it's wrong.
and don't ever look back.

well, very big thanks to my friend. you were open my eyes, and made me feel better.
and about tomorrow, i don't know.
so byee

Senin, 13 Juni 2011

late morning, early afternoon

heyy, nothing too much to say.
today mom and i gonna go to plkry
too see new stuffs for sell. for this very long holiday, i'm selling lot of girl's things.
like necklace,bracelet,rings, and so on.
but for make sure. please guys, kindly check my online shop on facebook.
Fortune lavie shop (

for this morning, too many question flying around my head.
first, why people are so unfair? i mean, they never think before they do things, that can make other people hurt.
they do whatever they like. heyy dude, you are not living alone.
did your mom teach how to behave well? if it not, let me show you .
enough for this kind of people. i wish they could change their behaviour.

so, tonight my grandma birthday treat.
i dont know where the place. but surely, eat a lot for tonight.
i'm going now. see yaa !

you and me and them

well it has been a long time i havent been updating my blog
tons of story to tell ya
first i'm not junior high student anymore.
and i'm sure, everything gonna change,start from my lifestyle,my style,my life,my friends,and my love story.
yeah, lovestory anyway, i just thought that i'm too young of having relationship.
it's too hard for me to keep a relation.
boys are complicated, ithink.
they come and go just like a wind. (some of them)
maybe having a friendship is much much better for my age.
do everything we wanted to.
nothing to worry about. feel like enjoy our life.
yeahhh. in my age now, i dont want to mess the thing up because having a boyfriend.
and of course my mom and dad won't let me having relation with guy, yes. they afraid i'm not focus with my stuffs, like school,study,my life as student.
sometimes i can envy with my friends with their boyfriend. hanging out,bbming,take care of each other.
but surely, at the end. you will feel regret and regret.
trust me, i have felt it maybe thousand times!
and guess what, i just realized now, it's tooo late.
stupid me stupid me stupid me!
and how's life?
fun,boring sometimes, but everything still good,
i enjoy my life. and how about you?
tell me your story, or we can be friend.
simple. just follow me on twitter @JoannaGoslim

so bye thennnn see yaaaa on the next post :)

Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

hey everyone.

well well well i'm kinda busy nowadays. yeahhh i'm working for this veryy long holiday. working with my mother of course. and you know what? i have a good news, very good news. to share with yaa.

i will continue later. pretty promise :)

Minggu, 20 Februari 2011


hello fellas !!!
this cny new year i was spend it in bali.
yeahh, it was soooooo amazing, you guys should come to bali, and you will fall with it.
and this was some picture i would like to share. check it out !!

kuta beach <3with my cousin

Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Lenka's (the snow)

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
i don't know where to go, can't do it alone
I've tried, and i don't know why...

Slow it down, make it stop
Or else my heart is going to pop
'Cause it's too much, yeah it's a lot
To be something i'm not
I'm a fool out of love
'Cause i just can't get enough...

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
i don't know where to go, can't do it alone
I've tried, and i don't know why
I'm just a little girl lost in the moment
I'm so scared but i don't show it
I can't figure it out, it's bringing me down
I know i've got to let it go...
And just enjoy the show

The sun is hot in the sky
Just like a giant spotlight
The people follow the signs
And synchronise in time
It's a joke, nobody knows
They've got a ticket to the show....

(i want my money back, just enjoy the show)